Dan Domme - Burrito Massacre

Dan Domme - Burrito Massacre #zine #selfpublish #dandomme #photography

Dan Domme self publishes small run print zines, and I have had a chat to him about that, as well as general banter about photography. Have a read below.

Images in this post are all rights reserved and ©Dan Domme unless stated otherwise.

1. Thanks for spending some time having a chat Dan. Can you speak a little about yourself and your work?

Thanks for the request for an interview. I’m always taken…

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Bibo - Mariko Shindo

Bibo - Mariko Shindo #photobook #photobookreview #photography #filmphotography

I have reviewed quite a few books now. As a process for me its very rewarding. I get to sit and take in the images in the books and the consolidate my thoughts about them here. It serves a double purpose really. Firstly it actually gives me a reference point, almost like a library of my thoughts about the wonderful books that I am lucky enough to own. Secondly, it provides a point for people to…

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Chris Trigaux - But I’m sexy, cant you tell?

Chris Trigaux - But I’m sexy, cant you tell? #zine #photobook #interview #selfpublishing

My name is Chris Trigaux; I’m born and raised in Connecticut in the US. During high school, photography became one of my biggest interests. I would double up on photo classes and spend my free periods in the black and white darkroom at school. I also spent a ton of time googling stuff about cameras when I was home (still do). I’m a total tech nerd when it comes to gear. I just graduated with my…

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Øbservations - Chris Leskovsek

Øbservations - Chris Leskovsek #photozine #selfpublish #zine #streetphotography

I have recently been going through the process of designing my own zine from the images that I shot while in Japan with the intent to print a limited run of maybe 50 copies. Part of this process has involved picking the brains of a few guys that I have been following for a while online. Guys who have had some experience in the publishing side of things as far as these little self published photo…

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Johan Willner - Boy Stories

Johan Willner - Boy Stories #johanwillner #boystories #photobook #photography #photobookreview

I havent reviewed a book for a while, but this doesnt mean that I havent had a few turn up on my doorstep. I love great books, and there are some great ones that I have that I still need to spend some time writing about. This is a process that makes me sit and take in the book. Its just like writing a book review in high school, except now I appreciate the value of the exercise.

As I said, there…

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Enrico Markus Essl - Communication Breakdown

Enrico Markus Essl, Communication Breakdown #streetphotography #inspiation #interview #series #communicationbreakdown

Enrico Markus Essl 

In this article we are going to be treated to a new series that Enrico Markus Essl has been working on. The series is titled Communication Breakdown. We will have a chat to Enrico and find out a little about him as an artist, and a bit about the project as well.

Communication Breakdown 1

Can you tell us a little about yourself and your photography?

I live and work in Linz / Austria and so I do my most…

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Boogie - Its All Good

Boogie - Its All Good #photobookreview #photography #photobook

It’s all good by Boogie has to be one of the greatest photo books published if you are into documentary style street photography. I didn’t know a lot about Boogie until I watched Everybody Street. But once I knew just a little I was hooked. I have said way too many times things like it’s my favourite book, or their my favourite artist. I won’t say it again here, but in all seriousness, if you are…

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Daido Moriyama - Mirage

Daido Moriyama - Mirage #photobookreview #photography #photobook

Just a pre warning, some of the images in this post may be considered not safe for work.

Timing is interesting. I was on Facebook today and a good friend posted some photos of some books that he was taking back home with him from a trip. One of them was Daido Moriyama’s Mirage. I had this post set as a place holder already and when I saw the image on Facebook I decided it was the right time to…

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Attitude and the art of street photography

Attitude and the art of street photography #streetphotography #photography #inspiration

Photo credit to Jeff Mermelstein

As I am discussing my thoughts in street photography, I have used some of what I would consider iconic images either from the street, or from some of the artists that I have mentioned in the post.

As a general rule I don’t like to enter into the debate about what is and isn’t street photography. It’s a murky deep dark black hole of an argument that just isn’t…

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Tokyo (東京) and me

Tokyo (東京) and me http://wp.me/p3QRKu-v0 #tokyo #japan #photography #learning

So Tokyo… I have a lot of films that I am processing at the moment. I have a lot of printing to do as well. As I dont have images, but I want to get some thoughts out on the trip now, I thought I would use some images from some of my favourite Japanese photographers in this post.

01Image credit to Mika Ninagawa

I am sitting here at my desk at home for the first time in a couple of weeks staring at…

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