Edinburgh - UPSP Collaboration

Edinburgh – UPSP Collaboration

Back again with the next collaboration that I have been involved in from Urban Picnic. This time we have two brothers from Scotland by the names of Gareth and Gavin Bragdon. If you would like to see some more of their work, along with some other work from guys in Scotland, then they have set up an all Scott collective called Grey Skies. I would encourage a look…

As usual with these things its…

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Andrew Miksys Interview

Andrew Miksys Interview #inspiration #photography #interview

I recently had the opportunity to interview Andrew Miksys for APF Magazine and thought I would share the interview here as well. It was great to chat to Andrew about his work on DISKO as well as some of the newer things that he is currently working on as well.

[two_thirds]Tristan: Hey Andrew, and thanks for agreeing to take some time out to introduce yourself and your work to us. Can you start…

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Jesse Marlow - Dont just tell them show them

Jesse Marlow - Dont just tell them show them #streetphotography #bookreview #photobook

I recently received a copy of a new book by Jesse Marlow to review. After recently purchasing his previous book Wounded, I was very excited about the new publication from Jesse.

Jesse is a Melbourne based photographer, and this is one thing that I find drew me to his work. From a slightly selfish perspective, its a source of inspiration to see someone roaming the same streets that I search and…

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Just set up a re-blog Tumblr

For all the interesting images that I like on here and Flickr.

Click the Re-Blog link on the my main Tumblr page, or the link is www.fixedfocallife-reblogs.tumblr.com

If you follow me here for my work, I hope you follow me there as well.


In camera double exposures shot on Maco Eagle AQS In camera double exposures shot on Maco Eagle AQS In camera double exposures shot on Maco Eagle AQS In camera double exposures shot on Maco Eagle AQS

Composition vs Content

Composition vs Content #photography #illusion #streetphotography #inspiration

I have been thinking a lot lately about compositional challenges for myself as an artist. This has been in a large part driven by the fascination that I have with some of the work by Sigfried Hansen. Its also something that I have been developing in some conversations that I have been having with a friend that I recently met in Melbourne who is also a photographer. Its amazing what you are able…

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Modern Times - UPSP Collaboration

Modern Times - UPSP Collaboration #collaboration #UPSP #streetphotography

This is the second highlight post for the Collaborations that I manage on Urban Picnic Street Photography. I take a lot of pride in the work that I put into these processes and I like the fact that I can share a little snippet of them here on my own page.

The collaboration this month was between Peter Kool and Larry Hallegua. Two great photographers, and also a couple of stand up guys that were a…

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Andrew Miksys - Disco

Andrew Miksys - Disco #photobook #review #streetphotography #photography #disco

Disco… What are you thinking of? Gloria Gaynor? Dianna Ross? You bet ya! That period of time in the 70′s that you hear so much about, or maybe some of you even lived it… Im not that old. That period that created so many classic musical moments. Due to this, I thought we would start by adding a sound track for this post.

Cool track this one… Not one of the disco classics that we are referring to,…

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Koji Onaka - Lucky Cat

Book Review - Koji Onaka - Lucky Cat #photobook #japanese #bookreview #streetphotography

This is going to be a really interesting and quirky kind of review if it does any justice to how quirky and interesting Koji Onaka’s wonderful little book Luck Cat is.

The basics are that its a simple soft cover book. The paper quality is really nice, and the vibrant colour and contrasty nature of the prints is well done also. I do prefer hard cover books, they seem to add a touch of class to a…

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