Johan Willner - Boy Stories

Johan Willner - Boy Stories #johanwillner #boystories #photobook #photography #photobookreview

I havent reviewed a book for a while, but this doesnt mean that I havent had a few turn up on my doorstep. I love great books, and there are some great ones that I have that I still need to spend some time writing about. This is a process that makes me sit and take in the book. Its just like writing a book review in high school, except now I appreciate the value of the exercise.

As I said, there…

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Enrico Markus Essl - Communication Breakdown

Enrico Markus Essl, Communication Breakdown #streetphotography #inspiation #interview #series #communicationbreakdown

Enrico Markus Essl 

In this article we are going to be treated to a new series that Enrico Markus Essl has been working on. The series is titled Communication Breakdown. We will have a chat to Enrico and find out a little about him as an artist, and a bit about the project as well.

Communication Breakdown 1

Can you tell us a little about yourself and your photography?

I live and work in Linz / Austria and so I do my most…

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Boogie - Its All Good

Boogie - Its All Good #photobookreview #photography #photobook

It’s all good by Boogie has to be one of the greatest photo books published if you are into documentary style street photography. I didn’t know a lot about Boogie until I watched Everybody Street. But once I knew just a little I was hooked. I have said way too many times things like it’s my favourite book, or their my favourite artist. I won’t say it again here, but in all seriousness, if you are…

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Daido Moriyama - Mirage

Daido Moriyama - Mirage #photobookreview #photography #photobook

Just a pre warning, some of the images in this post may be considered not safe for work.

Timing is interesting. I was on Facebook today and a good friend posted some photos of some books that he was taking back home with him from a trip. One of them was Daido Moriyama’s Mirage. I had this post set as a place holder already and when I saw the image on Facebook I decided it was the right time to…

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Attitude and the art of street photography

Attitude and the art of street photography #streetphotography #photography #inspiration

Photo credit to Jeff Mermelstein

As I am discussing my thoughts in street photography, I have used some of what I would consider iconic images either from the street, or from some of the artists that I have mentioned in the post.

As a general rule I don’t like to enter into the debate about what is and isn’t street photography. It’s a murky deep dark black hole of an argument that just isn’t…

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Tokyo (東京) and me

Tokyo (東京) and me #tokyo #japan #photography #learning

So Tokyo… I have a lot of films that I am processing at the moment. I have a lot of printing to do as well. As I dont have images, but I want to get some thoughts out on the trip now, I thought I would use some images from some of my favourite Japanese photographers in this post.

01Image credit to Mika Ninagawa

I am sitting here at my desk at home for the first time in a couple of weeks staring at…

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Creativity and the pursuit of happiness

Creativity and the pursuit of happiness #inspiration #streetphotography #creativity #learning

Creativity is an interesting topic, and its one that I think deserves some thought from those of us that think we belong to the small group of people on this planet that would consider themselves to be creative souls.

This post has been something that has been brewing for a while I think, This is the case with a lot of the random rambles that I tend to pen. The ones that are more from me and for…

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Jesse Marlow Interview

Jesse Marlow Interview #interview #streetphotography #inspiration

All images in this post are ©Jesse Marlow.

Jesse Marlow is a Melbourne based street photographer who is a member of In-Public. I recently had the chance to do his workshop that I highly recommend to anyone based in Melbourne. I also had the chance to ask Jesse a few questions about the way he works for his street work. It was a really fun process and I hope you enjoy the read.


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Edinburgh - UPSP Collaboration

Edinburgh – UPSP Collaboration

Back again with the next collaboration that I have been involved in from Urban Picnic. This time we have two brothers from Scotland by the names of Gareth and Gavin Bragdon. If you would like to see some more of their work, along with some other work from guys in Scotland, then they have set up an all Scott collective called Grey Skies. I would encourage a look…

As usual with these things its…

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